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Class NoDoubt Feb 13-18

Nodoubt Workout

I hope everyone is well rested because I sure am and a peace of mind I had sometime to think on the furture for the NoDoubt Class and think we should do this more often....

Now it's back to business this means we are gonna have a very productive NoDoubt Week with fresh faces, fresh attitudes, and great energy!!!

This month invite a friend month bring someone who needs to be motivated by fitness....first class is on me lets help those around us!!!

This weeks NoDoubt Class Schedule:

Mon: NoDoubt Class will begin at 6:35 pm

Wed: NoDoubt Class will begin at 6:35 pm

Sat Morning Cardio will begin at 10:00 am Planning on having regular class at City Park, music,step boards etc I'll keep you updated

I wanna thank those partners who donated funds towards the Class microphone and we are only $200 away from purchase if you have not donated yet please do so early this week thanks in advance for your support. I'm asking if you will not make class in the furture can you please give me a courtesy call are text please 504 258 4748
One last remainder if you have not purchase your bikes please do so...I have been sending this notice out since Dec of 2016 bike riding starts n March...