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March27-April 1 NoDoubtWorkout Class Pre Sign up

Nodoubt Workout

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and managed to continue DETOXING (sigh) I Know it Has been ROUGH but TODAY IS THE LAST DAY so let's make it count!!! I'm very proud of everyone who stuck with me on this one!!!
Festival Season is here and I know the temptation will increase so lets's everyone try to make it to class to burn off these calories ahead of time!!!
This weeks CLASS Schedule & SIGN-UP Link is below:

NoDoubt Class will begin promptly at 6:35pm
TUES NoDoubt Core Strength Class will begin promptly at 7pm
NoDoubt Class will begin promptly at 6:35pm

Morning Cardio will begin promptly at 9:30am (NEW SET TIME)
SIGN-UP LINK>>>>>>>>>>>
The FIRST NODOUBT BIKE RIDE will be on April 20,2017 at 7PM....I hope everyone will be able to join us just want to mention that we are going to be returning after dark so make sure you apply SAFETY LIGHTS to the bike
Reminder that APRIL DRAFTS will be coming out at the end of the Week and we have more classes monthly so if you need to make any adjustments please let me know
The other classes CYCLING AND ZUMBA will begin in APRIL so if you are interested I will send the schedules out letting you know so you can plan ahead to give it a try!!!!
APRIL PARTNERS: Your $20 commitment is Appreciated and keeps us everything flowing smoothly I just need a few more clients to make sure we have the 10 spots covered Thanks Again!!!