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Jan 9-14 2017 Its The NoDoubt Weekly Class Agenda

Nodoubt Workout

We are ONE WEEK into the NEW YEAR I hope this has been an easy transition for you but more of struggle if your participating in the NoDoubt Cleanse lol!!!

I want to encourage you just a few more days left STAY STRONG!!!

We will be completing the Cleanse and focusing on our bodies in class this week so please join me NEW YEAR NEW YOU:

Mon NoDoubt Class will be starting at 6:35pm SHARP...We need Weights Bar with 40lbs on each side NO SUBSTITUTES TONIGHT (on weight) & Resistance Bands

Wed NoDoubt Class will be starting @6:35 pm SHARP...We need Cardio Bars, Jump Rope, Weight Bar with 15lbs on each side, & Sticks

Sat Morning NoDoubt Cardio @ Superdome @10am SHARP

REMINDER: Bike rides will begin in March so please plan to purchase bikes for NoDoubt Bike Excursions start saving up
Also NoDoubt 1ON1 will have its first annual 5k run in 2017 details will follow next month I'm so excited if you have joined our Praise Walk/Run please get ready it's our training time
I hope you guys will be able to participate in the NEXT LEVEL of NODOUBT WORKOUTS!!!