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3909 Bienville Street (Suite 105)
New Orleans, LA 70119


NoDoubt Workout, The Body you want, The Body you need!




     As a lifelong New Orleans Native, Cedric has been an integral part of the fitness community for over 20 years.  He is the father of a beautiful little girl and all around family oriented guy.  Balancing family and a career can be tough at times, however, Cedric believes that finding time for yourself and your health is very important.  At the tender age of 12, he developed a passion for health and fitness.    As a personal trainer, former body builder, and group fitness instructor, Cedric is on a mission to help build healthier lifestyles.  During his season of traveling from various fitness facilities, Cedric had a compelling desire to own his own fitness center.    

      Fueled by his desire to change lives, Cedric launched “NoDoubt Workout LLC” in 2006.  In March 2015, the birth of Cedric’s lifelong dream became a reality.    NoDoubt Workout LLC. became a place where healthy lives are edified.  The facility is located within the heart of New Orleans and is an upscale private gym.  At NoDoubt Workout LLC. clients are afforded state of the art exercise equipment, massage therapies, and great amenities.  Cedric offers an array of services at NoDoubt Workout LLC.  From consultations, personal training packages, coaching sessions, cardio group classes, circuit training, diet plans, nutritional supplemental therapy, as well as NoDoubt attire and gear.  


Cedric obtained his national certification in 2008 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).   He is certified in multiple areas of sports medicine within his field of practice, and he is a yearly attendee of the NASM and AFAA OPTIMA Conference, which is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona. Cedric has a real practical approach to diet and exercise which has made him a leader in the industry and helped “real people” achieve their fitness goals.  


     Cedric is a partner with Beacon Light International Ministries (BLIM) fitness, under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Bishop Darryl Brister.  This partnership launched the birth of “Praise and Workout” in 2018 and host a weekly cardio group class within the sanctuary.  Cedric believes that we should be healthy physically as well as spiritually.  Praise and Workout is fun-filled and assists people of all different walks of life to achieve their fitness goals all while praising God.  

Cedric is an encourager of a happier lifestyle and is eager to share his enthusiasm.His determination is infectious in helping others realize what their body is capable of.He believes with the right training program, self-determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals..