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Nov 7 Weekly Health Tip

Nodoubt Workout

Top 10 all time worst junk foods include: 1. French Fries (unhealthy fats, chemicals) 2. Doughnuts (sugar and fat) 3. Chips (salt and oil) 4. Soda (sugar, chemicals, dyes) 5. Snack Cakes (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals) 6. Candy Bars (sugar, fat) 7. Pork Rinds (unhealthy fat, salt) 8. Fat-free cookies (extra sugar or HFCS) 9. Crackers (unhealthy fats, bleached flour) 10. Pretzels (sugar, salt).  These foods are damaging because they are high calorie, but provide almost no nutrition.  Avoid or minimize them to maximize health.