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NoDoubtWorkout Daily Health Tip...March 29.17

Nodoubt Workout

Studies show that deep emotional trauma, like the death of a loved one, really can break your heart.  The chance of having a heart attack the day after the death of a significant other increases by 21%, and remains increased above 6% for the next week, probably due to stress hormones and their effect on the heart.  When emotional trauma strikes, take extra care with yourself and rest, find emotional support, eat well, exercise, find an emotional release, and be aware that your heart really is vulnerable after emotional trauma.


Weekly Health Tip March22,2017

Nodoubt Workout

One more reason to keep your BMI in normal range. . .  Degenerative disk studies reveal that those with the highest BMI (Body Mass Index) have quicker and more serious disk degeneration, probably due to increased workload on the disk, and overall systemic inflammation created by fat cells.  To maintain a healthy back (and joints throughout the body) keep your weight in optimal range for height and age.


Weekly Health Tip March8,17

Nodoubt Workout

Studies show that the more variety of healthy fruits and veggies consumed, the greater protection from heart disease and cancer.  Some people mistakebnly eat a greater quantity of 2 or 3 types of fruits and veggies thinking they are eating adequate amounts.  However, it is the variety of many different nutrients that provide the body with the tools to protect the body.  To maximize health, consider consuming a wide variety of fruits and veggies, approaching  or exceeding 10 servings daily.



Detox Starts Next Week Orders Needed by March 8,2017

Nodoubt Workout

SPRING BACK INTO SHAPE w/our 14 DAY DETOX - we are wrapping another quarter some have fallen off or lost focus so this week I will send out pricing for the detox package...ORDERS must be received NO LATER than WEDNESDAY in order for us to start on Monday, March 13th

Detox Package Price is $44.59+tax


Weekly Health Tip Feb21,17

Nodoubt Workout

A recent study in the British Journal of Cancer based on 6643 subjects found that a 50-gram increase in processed meat (hot dogs, lunchmeat) increased pancreatic cancer risk by 19%.  To reduce risk of pancreatic cancer, consider reducing or eliminating processed meats, or at least switch to preservative free, organic meats. 


Daily Health Tip Feb 13,2017

Nodoubt Workout

Drinking fluids that contain fructose (energy drinks, fruit juice, soda) after a workout may sabotage weight loss, stop Human Growth Hormone production, and contribute to insulin resistance and obesity.  Consider water or any other non-fructose drink for several hours after exercise to maximize health and wellness.



Daily Health Tip Feb 7, 2017

Nodoubt Workout

The health benefits of lime includeweight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc. The first fruit that comes to mind in terms of medicinal uses is the reliable lime.


2017 10 day Detox Starts Jan 3-12

Nodoubt Workout

To achieve the BODY you want we will not be eating any of the following during this time:

No Meats

No Ice Cream

No Fast Foods

No Cheese

No Dairy Products

No Soft Drinks

No Coffee 

No Candy

No Potato Chip

No Bread 

No Pasta No Rice

No Hash Browns

No Alcoholic beverages

No Chocolate


ONLY Fish, Shrimp, Vegetables,Fruits, 10 days...


Reminder I suggest you get on Board don't miss out...

Nodoubt Workout

This week we will be gearing up for the NEW YEAR and Preparing our bodies for the NODOUBT 10 DAY CLEANSE. It's not a Challenge its a CHANGE we want to rid our bodies of the HOLIDAY waste and get ready to start FRESH with a CLEAN SLATE for a Healthier 2017.


Please contact me to order the NODOUBT CLEANSE PACKAGE no later than December 12th. 504 258 4748

The package total is $45 and includes the following:

Listing of Allowable Foods

Superlax (all natural colon cleanse) Herbal Formula

Fiber (Advocare product packet)